AgriYouthNepal is delighted to welcome our new team members. AgriYouthNepal opened membership for 10 highly motivated and interested students based on Rampur, Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU), Bachelors Second Batch. The application deadline was 25th March 2015, and 36 applications were received. Applicants were asked to fill up the online application form giving their views on following questions.

  1. How do you see the importance of Information Communication Technology in the field of Agriculture?
  2. What new ideas/innovations can you bring being a member of AYN supporting our theme?
  3. What are your expectations from AgriYouthNepal and what you think we should really focus on for promoting ICT in Agriculture?

Here are the selected members  !

  1.  Nirmala Acharya 
  2. Shreena Pradhan
  3. Shweta Adhikari
  4.  Rakshya Khanal
  5.   Ranjit Khanal
  6.  Dhiraj Bhatta
  7.  Suresh Baudel
  8. Pratap Pandey
  9.  Sandhya Gautam
  10.  Rekha K.C.

AgriYouthNepal extends sincere thanks to all the applicants. Besides being team members, there are lots of ways to be involved as we operate as a youth network. We hope for all of the applicants coordination and support.

Becoming member of AgriYouthNepal represents new challenges as well as opportunities to contribute new ideas/innovation promoting youth & ICT in Agriculture. We’re delighted to have you all on the  team and hope this opportunity gives you a platform to contribute and grow, both personally and professionally and we hope you will be able to take a lead in various activities of AgriYouthNepal.

Congratulations and Welcome on Board !

Picture Credit: Madan Poudel