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#Blog Entry: 1″ICT: A Gateway for Nepalese Agriculture Development”-Sharan Panthi

Feeding the ever increasing population is not an easy task as we commonly think. Population growth, urbanization, loss of fertile lands, desertification, climate change etc are continuously forcing towards poor agricultural production and food insecurity. Agriculture is an important sector of Nepal with the majority of the rural population depending on it. Its importance in Nepal can be noted from 35 percent of its contribution in GDP and 65 percent of population dependent upon it. The sector faces major challenges of enhancing production in a situation of dwindling natural resources necessary for production. The growing demand for agricultural products, however, also offers opportunities for producers to sustain and improve their livelihoods. The agricultural sector is confronted with the major challenge of increasing production to feed a growing and increasingly prosperous population in a situation of decreasing availability of natural resources. New approaches and technical innovations are required to cope with these challenges and to enhance the livelihoods of the rural population.

Information and communication technologies (ICT) play an important role in addressing these challenges and uplifting the livelihoods of the rural poor. Information and communication technologies(ICT) is an umbrella term that includes any communication device or application, encompassing: radio, television, cellular phones, computer and network hardware and software, satellite systems and so on, as well as the various services and applications associated with them. Use of radio was preliminary ICT tool used for the communication of information among the country. However with the advancement of technology ICT tools also revolutionized to form many more creations of ICT tools and applications. To know the importance of ICT in Nepalese agriculture development, we should know the importance of information, idea or knowledge for successful agriculture. Appropriate knowledge and information is the base of foundation of agricultural development. Science is gaining new information day by day by doing researches and with those developed theories technologies are designed to suit a particular situation. Those invented knowledge and technologies will have no value until they are not with those people, for whom they were designed. For example, In Nepalese condition there is a huge gap of yield of crops in research station and farmers field, this is mainly due to poor extension services. Extension services are not taking pace with the time. Time has brought many changes in world and Nepal is also a part. At this time, most of the population of Nepal is now touched with mobile phones and almost all of literate ones are using social media (mainly facebook) for communication. Few years back in rural areas, Radio was only source of information but now there is coverage of mobile with internet service in most of areas. Television coverage is also increasing day by day in remote areas also.

There are lots of examples of roles played by ICT in our condition. Progressive farmers are using social media, communicating with each other in the matter of agriculture. There are lots of groups and pages in facebook created by farmers and technical persons (For eg: Krishi bikas prawidhi ra uddham ka lagi sahakarya) where discussions regarding agricultural problems, marketing informations etc takes place. These discussions matters great because government agriculture extension system is not efficient in Nepal and people are deprived of information. At least, progressive farmers are getting information about what they want to know. There are some applications designed for transfer of knowledge about scientific cultivation practices to the farmers like Krishi ghar.

This era is a period of great technological advancement, and new tools and applications of ICT are emerging day by day. Government of Nepal should focus on how we can utilize these tools efficiently for the development of Nepal and agriculture is a major sector. Any time we say that agriculture is the main sector for the development of Nepal but, we are not utilizing our resources in a productive way. These mobile phones and social media we used today should be helpful to our agriculture. More and more applications should be designed and enhanced to meet the requirements of different farming communities. Farmers should be trained about the use of mobile phones and internet for the modernization of agriculture system. Every village should be connected with internet with cheap cost so that farmers can afford it. Agri-call center should be established in each district to support farmers, and its proper functioning is more important than establishment. Farmers will not adopt a new technology until he/she believe in that. With the help of ICT tools flow of detail information about that technology, success stories, cost required etc can be done in more effective way. Forecasting of weather, insect pests and diseases attack to crops is very important for saving huge crop losses due to those unfavorable conditions and ICT can play great role on it. ICT helps not only to transfer  knowledge and technology from research stations to farmers but it is equally effective for knowing the feedback of farmers towards that technology, so that scientists can know the actual problem of farmers field and what must be modified in that recommended technology.

Hence, we can say that application of ICT is crucial for the development of Nepalese agriculture. Government and different National and International Organizations working here should focus on development of ICT sector and its application for agriculture development and ultimately for food security. Only policies will have no impact, successful implementation is more important.

#Blog Entry: 2″ICTs in Nepalese Agriculture”-Bikash Raj Shah

It’s 21st century, the age overwhelmed with science and technology. There are new inventions everyday and humans trying to control over time. The thousands of step just turned on with a click and billions of information gained with on ease.

Nepal, developing country and in its developing phase, the GDP of agriculture is trying to compete with remittance. The world has gone very far with technology but in Nepal, we are just making people aware what does the technology actually mean. The status is poor but the scope is wide. The efforts need to be combined, hands need to collaborated and action needs to be doubled. The ICT and agriculture, with just a meaning has a huge gap among each other but if they are joined, the tremendous effect just boost up on every ways. The era of revolution can be achieved by the use of information communication technology. It is useful from a minute decision to the decision of greater value.

The application of ICT is increasing day by day and the craze of ICT doesn’t have a limit. This craze can be best utilized to enhance the agriculture. The agricultural country can be uplifted to its optimum level with the help of ICT. Radio, television, various mobile applications, websites and blogs related to agriculture, radio frequency identification technology comes under it which has their respective benefit and application.

The radio and television being the most primitive development on the field of technology is still best utilized in Nepal. Programs related to agriculture on community radio and televisions allows farmer to know about various achievements on the field of agriculture, various techniques of cultivation experts voice and awareness on farmer’s right. The call center can be established which encourage farmer to struggle with hindrance on the field. It is best applicable to illiterate farmers.

The ICT connects the farmers among themselves, with experts, with various government bodies and consumers. This helps farmers to know about the rate of fertilizers, hybrid varieties of crops, market value of agricultural products and subsidiary price, latest inventions on the field of agriculture, online magazine and various agriculture related blogs.

The online talk to experts, information on disease pest, soil management practice and crop rotation procedures can be more efficient though ICT. The yield estimation techniques and risk management techniques can be adopted from various developed countries farmers. The ICT provides more knowledge to farmers which make them more interested on agriculture, ultimately commercialization of agriculture and increase in Gross Domestic Product(GDP).

Livestock is also the integral part of agriculture which can be enhanced with the help of ICT. The radio frequency identification of cattle able us to know the condition of cattle. The veterinary doctors are not available in rural areas and the ICT allows farmers to have direct contact with a veterinarian which facilitates the treatment of them. The feed rations and effective handling can be learned from various online videos and articles. The biometric tools can be used for the theft control.

The use of ICT on Nepal is not easy at all. The challenge is on every step which needs to be overcomed. The need of farmer and their wishes encourage spreading awareness. The aim of smiles on their face and right and respect they ought to get. Dream of those muddy hands to get ready for a click to better future, the correct price and value of every product which have sweated them can be achieved by ICT.

Being the youth and responsible citizen we should initiate to spread the awareness. We can’t do it all by ourselves but every step we initiate is actually help in some way.


#Blog Entry: 3″ICT’s the only way to promote Agriculture”-Upakar Bhandari

Agriculture is a way of life. Nepal, where more than 65 percent people involve in agriculture as their main occupation for living but still it cannot fulfill their needs.  Subsistence agriculture on the fragment land system is the prevailing in Nepal. Information and Communication Technology can play a key role to upgrade the present Subsistence agriculture into the commercial agriculture. Social Medias , newspaper , radio , television , SMS , Smartphone applications , blogs and various articles on different internet sites are the most to farmers and researchers co-ordination  to learn and share more on agriculture.


Nepal with most of the rural areas where agriculture is the daily routine of most of the people. The use of ICT’s in agriculture is  very much important which can be termed as E-agriculture. This involves the use of concepts, design  and evaluation of the process on agriculture enhancing the rural people development . Agriculture involve crop cultivation , water and fertilizer management, entomological and pathological management,  harvesting , post harvest technology , conversion of agro-products through processing , their marketing  maintaining the quality of agro products in a sequential manner. There should be the judicious decision of the farmers in such activities to get maximum outputs with their inputs. There is a necessary of the modern technology and  information.

Geographical situation itself is the boon to Nepali agriculture which suits growth of nearly all type of agro crops  grown in the world  where technology can have special use to this gift of nature. Use of  technology for weather forecasting, geographical situation also uplift the agriculture. Nowadays the use of smart phones is increasing so smart phones applications can play a vital role to flow information and knowledge via different applications. Various smart apps like Krishi-Ghar , Smart Krishi , IFA-Agriculture are disseminating their information and knowledge to the farmer level. Use of Global Positioning System (GPS) provides a wide geographical fencing and mapping . One of the examples of use of GPS in Kenya as Every year Elephants are troubling the farmers by damaging their valuable crops. For the control of this they fit a special device to the elephant that warns when elephant enter such areas with GPS and SMS alerts. Same technology can be beneficial in the Terai region of Nepal where elephants and rhinos are destroying the agriculture crops every year.


Radio , television and newspaper are also one of the best way to provides  knowledge of  modern agriculture  to farmer  level. I myself host Agriculture Radio program which give a way to learn the farmer in rural level who have no access of Internet , newspapers. Radio is easy means for farmer to get access with t the information in their own indigenous way in simple way. Through the interview with agriculture scientists , successful  farmers , related authority on agriculture field  and  solving their agricultural problems on crops and livestock’s  disseminate more knowledge and interest to use technology to their agriculture. Audio – visual media are the best way of learning and this can be gain by the farmer with radio and televisions. Success story of farmers from such medias  inspire  them to adopt technology and use in their farms. A easy way to understand and adopt the knowledge  is communication and technology.


Many of the technological tools are developed like  automatic milking in the diary technology which  milk the diary milk without human labor which is benefits economically as well in quality management of the diary products. There are other technological invention that lead agriculture to a higher level and uplift the daily living status of Nepali people.


Various International and National Conferences focused the use of ICT’s to promote the agriculture. The ultimate way of upgrading the present status of the Nepalese agriculture from the subsistence to a Commercial world of agriculture is ICT’s.  No other way to promote the agriculture other than ICT’s in long term and sustainable development of the nation and people. Nepal definitely can be the world leading nation from the agriculture prospect if the use of ICT’s is promoted from the grass root level .