Reporter: Sandhya Gautam (g.sandhya(at)

3rd April 2015 Friday Sharing on “Sustainable Agriculture for Sustainable Future

Presenter: Dhiraj Bhatta (b.dhiraj (at)
Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU), BSc Agriculture, Third Semester

The presenter, Dhiraj Bhatta started his presentation on the topic ‘Sustainable Agriculture for Sustainable future’. He started his presentation with ‘Green Revolution‘ and ended with a question ‘Can we realize the dream of evergreen revolution?‘. He shared about organic farming, permaculture, tillage systems,effects of conventional farming and chemical inputs to the soil and the crops.The presentation depicted the hazards of chemical fertilizers and pesticides which are excessively being used in modern agriculture. It also gave some alternative measures of plant nutrition, plant protection ,use of farm power which may be helpful in making agriculture self sustaining. After that there was discussion session where the participants shared their ideas and vision to increase the food production and some of them raise their queries about organic farming and the use of chemical fertilizers. The program ended with a conclusion that we can’t shift completely towards organic farming completely stopping the use of chemical fertilizers but we can make the vision of sustainable agriculture come true by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers bit by bit.