It’s 21st century, the age overwhelmed with science and technology. There are new inventions everyday and humans trying to control over time. The thousands of step just turned on with a click and billions of information gained with on ease.

Nepal, developing country and in its developing phase, the GDP of agriculture is trying to compete with remittance. The world has gone very far with technology but in Nepal, we are just making people aware what does the technology actually mean. The status is poor but the scope is wide. The efforts need to be combined, hands need to collaborated and action needs to be doubled. The ICT and agriculture, with just a meaning has a huge gap among each other but if they are joined, the tremendous effect just boost up on every ways. The era of revolution can be achieved by the use of information communication technology. It is useful from a minute decision to the decision of greater value.

The application of ICT is increasing day by day and the craze of ICT doesn’t have a limit. This craze can be best utilized to enhance the agriculture. The agricultural country can be uplifted to its optimum level with the help of ICT. Radio, television, various mobile applications, websites and blogs related to agriculture, radio frequency identification technology comes under it which has their respective benefit and application.

The radio and television being the most primitive development on the field of technology is still best utilized in Nepal. Programs related to agriculture on community radio and televisions allows farmer to know about various achievements on the field of agriculture, various techniques of cultivation experts voice and awareness on farmer’s right. The call center can be established which encourage farmer to struggle with hindrance on the field. It is best applicable to illiterate farmers.

The ICT connects the farmers among themselves, with experts, with various government bodies and consumers. This helps farmers to know about the rate of fertilizers, hybrid varieties of crops, market value of agricultural products and subsidiary price, latest inventions on the field of agriculture, online magazine and various agriculture related blogs.

The online talk to experts, information on disease pest, soil management practice and crop rotation procedures can be more efficient though ICT. The yield estimation techniques and risk management techniques can be adopted from various developed countries farmers. The ICT provides more knowledge to farmers which make them more interested on agriculture, ultimately commercialization of agriculture and increase in Gross Domestic Product(GDP).

Livestock is also the integral part of agriculture which can be enhanced with the help of ICT. The radio frequency identification of cattle able us to know the condition of cattle. The veterinary doctors are not available in rural areas and the ICT allows farmers to have direct contact with a veterinarian which facilitates the treatment of them. The feed rations and effective handling can be learned from various online videos and articles. The biometric tools can be used for the theft control.

The use of ICT on Nepal is not easy at all. The challenge is on every step which needs to be overcomed. The need of farmer and their wishes encourage spreading awareness. The aim of smiles on their face and right and respect they ought to get. Dream of those muddy hands to get ready for a click to better future, the correct price and value of every product which have sweated them can be achieved by ICT.

Being the youth and responsible citizen we should initiate to spread the awareness. We can’t do it all by ourselves but every step we initiate is actually help in some way.