The sun rises up , casting it’s red light stimulating the chlorophyll of green plant to make food for own and animal’s life . The calm cold breeze charged with the rays of wi-fi, radio and television waves and 3G networks gently roam caressing the every field and farmer. It’s a new morning, everything’s new, new information, new technology, new day, new plant, new production, new atmosphere and a new weather. All things are changing, agriculture is taking a further step toward modernization, most people are now aware of food security, food habit is changing and production somehow is in increasing trend with population growth. Many hectars can be planted within an hour, a piece of land can produce more quantity and more variety, production potential of plant is increased and people are producing wisely than labouredly. All this is made possible due to information, communication and technology.

Hymn of success and solution due to information, communication, and technology is deafening our ear. But it’s not true in all extent. Still a farmer in rural area wake up at 4.00 a.m early in the morning.  Yes! Many things are changed, his forehead shows cringes of wrinkles, his wife’s back’s stiffen because of drudgery. But his life remains same, he always follows same routine. He seems cavalier ignoring every change in world.  Just the thought roam around his head and heart in morning-” oh god, it’s late again, livestock already started bellowing with empty stomach, field needs of more drops of water, more pinch of fertilizer, plants lost identity in competition with weeds….blah blah” and all day he worship this mantra as if huttityau (kind of bird) hurried to bear load of escalating sky.

ICT in term and function is limited to the urban and relatively developed area but still the rural area which can produce higher and valuable are following traditional method of cultivation in lack of ICT, as a result production is not enough to feed desirous mouth and empty stomach. Farmers in that area are fully devoted to their business of   extreme ability not caring dark skin and cracked leg. A farmer becomes straight and forward to his job though his back bowed from extreme drudgery.  All he wants is, be merrier in Asar 15, celebrate carnival of harvesting golden panicles in Mangsir triumphantly and want to store for winter without any risk. Yes! This is all he wants because it’s his brain’s exposure limit due to lack of enough ICT. Farmer can’t recognize own skill, opportunity and capability in absence of ICT

May be he hear about combine harvester and hydroponics but it becomes ‘which bird name is it ?’ to him. For a remote taciturn farmer radio is his all world. He used it with the purpose of hearing news though he doesn’t understand. He heard that radio nepal casts krishi karyakram at 6.30 p.m. but he doesn’t have much time to waste in evening busy period. He swims in reverie of riotous production by utilizing this time for work. In spite of all his hard work his tension is growing double in day and triple in night.

A farmer is a researcher. Nowadays, He senses the different smell of soil but he doesn’t know the fact that soil nutrients depletes and poised due to haphazard use of chemical. He becomes dizzy and weak but he doesn’t know altered nutrient content due to unfavorable environment of plant. He is analyzing sacks doesn’t be full at harvest these days but he doesn’t know the exact reason behind it. Really, He is brimmed up by amazing sense blessed by experience.  So, this capacity must be boost up by information. He must realize his hideous strength through communication. He should get return of his sweat and blood by reducing drudgery and luxuriant production through technology. And his finding should be published in field and paper.

May be Nokia 1600 replaces android 2.5 but agriculture only modernize when a informant informs farmers about smart Krisi app. May be English is international language but farmer can’t understand unless information are disseminated in local language. May be farmer seems different types of plant, pathogen and insect in live, but his living standard only increase when he becomes able to detect its history on Google page. May be he is working on field but he doesn’t get adequate return unless he adopt appropriate cultural practices. May be he has miles of land he can’t produce a kg on it unless proper and modern technology applied on it.

If  agriculturist, farmers and ICT users put in mind above mentioned paragraph, agriculture will be modernize and if wave of 3G , Wi-Fi, radio and TV  utilized in field , production will be bumper up. Otherwise all things remain same.

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