Bishal Neupane

Vice President, AgriYouthNepal

Agriculture and Forestry University, Rampur, Chitwan

Okay the title seems a little offensive, but not if you are the ‘you’. And I know you are smart. Not that you need it, however let me explain first what blog is. It’s a simple website where you publish your views, opinions or articles on a particular topic. Blogging which initially started as ‘web-log’ and later transformed into ‘we blog’, simply means writing articles online on your website. So when we see a ‘site’ becoming a ‘verb’, this certainly means it’s a really serious and popular trend. Don’t believe me? Just Google it.
Now blogging is done by many, some even earn their living off of it. There are two kinds of blogging websites; the paid ones and the free ones. The premium one is full of billing, statistics and lesser fun; so we don’t want to go there. Actual fun is always in the free ones because it’s the beginning of something new. Just remember how fun it was to ride with the training wheels and just how mundane it is to ride a normal bicycle-like a job…exactly!

Nowadays the most popular free websites are WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr, Medium etc. So, if you have an email account; which I assume you already do, simply go to one of the above mentioned websites. You know the drill, “’s” Now me being a dedicated ‘Wordpress’ user, and a satisfied one too; the following guide will be more inclined towards its interface. Well, if you are in the site click on ‘Get Started’ for a brand new account and then select a particular theme; smart people go with ‘Independent Publisher’. Later on after this you get to choose a ‘domain name’. A ‘domain name’ is used in URLs to identify particular web pages, it’s basically your site’s identity hence a lesser regrettable and more professional name is recommended. Avoid using “SelnaGomez Yourname” or “ZaynMalik Yourname”…not cool!

After a domain’s been set, pick a plan for your blog; needless to say ‘Free Plan’…obviously! Thereafter provide your email address and assign a password, finally you will be greeted with a new WordPress account. But first send a confirmation mail from your authorized email account and you are good to go.

Being a newbie, blogging can be confusing; happened to me too. Although you know how to write, doesn’t mean you’ll emerge as a heart pounding, guts wrenching kind of a writer in one go. It takes time, take your time. Write for yourself. And once you’ve got enough followers get to know them, their needs, what they want to read and finally write for them. Create your style and most importantly be consistent. Fill those blank pages, go out there and paint it red, black…make your own color. But first just get started.

“Be a victor in this scholarly battle of blogging, I hath faith upon thee.”
Oh! And lastly, you could have just skipped this whole article and searched “How to start a blog” on Youtube could have saved yourself a trouble of reading this blatantly written article which undermines its own readers.

Good Day !