Interested to give session on Friday?

Friday sharing is a platform for everybody from any background to share their ideas, be it the academic or eclectic. The whole purpose of this event, marked every Friday, is to share knowledge during the Friday sharing events or online. We welcome all those curious souls who wish to share their thoughts (during an hour interval). As it goes without mentioning “The more we share the more we learn” this event aims to act as the stage to share. We believe in spreading ideas through short and powerful talks.
Conducted every Friday, the first session of the two, is earmarked for the speaker to share their thoughts and the latter is demarcated for interaction with the participants where one can clarify their doubts on the topic. The programme is entirely devoted for the personal development of the speaker and the participants as well.
Video or slide-show presentation is highly prioritized.

How to be part of Friday Sharing?

Would you like to present your thought provoking ideas  with your audiences? It might be any ideas which strikes in your mind, any innovation you have worked with,  experiences you have collected working with the specific issues that needs to be addressed.

Prepare short presentation covering within 20 minutes !

Email us your expression of interest to present in the friday sharing program at [email protected] or contact:

Madan Poudel : +977-9846483900

Ranjit Khanal : President @ AgriYouthNepal : +977-9843055058

Vivek Bist: Friday Sharing Coordinator: +977-9840055581


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