Saurya Karmacharya


AFU 3rd Batch



Since the establishment of AFU, knowledge sharing program other than the ones related to agriculture has seldom taken place in the campus. And while some of you might argue that the discussion of any extra subject matter is hardly required in a purely technical university, it must be taken into mind that stepping out of the box undoubtedly enhances other aspects of our overall understanding of the world and life and also provides a spoon of refreshment in our monotonous college life.

AgriYouthNepal conducted Friday sharing program, as usual, this Friday(5th august) on the topic “the Superstring theory” which was dynamically presented by Mr. Anmol Kandel( BVSc and AH 7th sem.) in the Agronomy Seminar hall. This topic is largely concerned with Physics and the primary information that was shared was that every matter in this universe, even the fundamentals like electron, proton, neutron are composed of even more basic elements called strings(waves). A large group of participants were present which included our respected asst. prof. Mr. Ankit Koirala and other senior members(almuni) of AgriYouthNepal.

The program was conducted in two broad sessions: the presentation phase, where Mr. Anmol Kandel brilliantly presented his knowledge regarding the history of physics in relation to the evolution of superstring theory (and the theory itself, of course), and the discussion/sharing phase, where the participants and the presenter indulged themselves in sharing information and clearing queries related to the subject matter. The program which started at 4.15 am approximately lasted an hour.

Many of you might find this topic useless and vague, or even an unnecessary burden to the brain but think again….do you want all of your mind to think only of a same subject(agriculture or veterinary) the rest of your life and never come out of this imaginary box for a small fraction of time to broaden your universal knowledge??