Shristi Upadhyaya
Bsc.Ag 3rd Semester

Rejuvenation of “AYN  Friday sharing program” was marked by a successful episode  held on  29th July,2016 on the topic  “Glimpses of ongoing research on Papaya (Carica Papaya) var. Red Lady on Chitwan condition. The  presenter was Mr. Santosh Kalauni, Msc. Ag, Department of Horticulture.

The program was conducted in the  special presence of Assistant Professor Bishal Shrestha from Department of Horticulture, AFU. The purpose of the program was to focus  on the glimpses of the ongoing research on Papaya (Carica Papaya) var. Red Lady on Chitwan condition. Presentor Mr. Kalauni  described about the ongoing research especially on three topics

  • Effect of Defoliation & Thinning on the quality and yield of Papaya.
  • Effect of Foliar Spray of Micronutrients (B and Zn) on growth, yield and quality of Papaya.
  • Effect of different packaging materials on the post-harvest self-life of papaya var. Red Lady.

Specific objectives of his research is to improve the fruit quality by managing the orchard scientifically, thus reducing the spread of disease and insects. He shared that problems were on the packaging materials, storage and transportation .The researcher also emphasized on strengthening the quality and yield of papaya of var. Red lady by covering the large market area and ensuring the better production.

A short discussion session was held after the presentation session where different people pitched their ideas. Around 50 people were present in the program. The program ended with the end of discussion session  at 5 p.m.

Through Friday sharing  AYN provides you a really  nice platform to share your ideas . Lets share ! This Friday is yours!!