Ever since its establishment, AgriYouthNepal has been engaged in various activities to achieve its motto-defined objectives of promoting youth and ICTs in agriculture. Our approach is to strengthen university education, research and extension system promoting youth and ICTs for agriculture development. AgriYouthNepal announced membership application for year 2016 last month.

We are pleased to announce the selected members for year 2016. We heartily thanks to all the applicants who express to join our movement to strengthen the university focused projects and to prepare/execute series of programs for year 2016/17.

The membership application received went through the review/selection comprised of following team:

  1. Madan Poudel
  2. Sanam Parajuli
  3. Bishal Neupane
  4. Binod Sunar
  5. Swikriti Pandey

We were overwhelmed to receive more than 20 applications for General Membership and Committee Membership.

Here is the list of the selected Committee Members

  1. Pabitra Joshi
  2. Reecha Acharya
  3. Saroj Mandal
  4. Sandesh Subedi
  5. Vivek Bist
  6. Divya Panday
  7. Anisha Tiwari
  8. Pramisha Thapaliya
  9. Saurya Karmacharya
  10. Bishal Modi

Here is the list of selected General Members

  1. Samyam Pandit
  2. Sushant Khadka
  3. Shrawan Kumar Yadav
  4. Susmita Bhatta
  5. Ashmita Karki
  6. Lokendra Singh Thakuri
  7. Nasib Koirala
  8. Roshan Dhakal
  9. Santosh Lamichhane
  10. Narayan Prasad Belbase
  11. Shristi Upadhaya

This final committee will be announced by Annual General Meeting in a democratic process and the committee will work for one year.

We are pleased to invite all the selected members in a consultation meeting which will held on Tuesday, July 19, 2016.

Congratulations and Welcome on Board ! It’s time to bring a platform into a movement. Cheers !


The Selection Committee