Currently you are reading this post means you are utilizing your free time, which indicates that you have your belly filled. Before moving forward ,please try to recall and calculate how much food have you wasted this week or till now. Can you count it in figures? Food_Waste

Picture Credit: jbloom | Flickr

Food waste or food loss is the food that is discarded or cannot be reused.

Quick Facts about our Food System

  • According to FAO; approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food gets wasted every year which accounts one-third of total food production for human consumption.
  • Of the total food waste consumer in rich countries waste 222 million tonnes of food,that accounts the total production of sub-Sahara region(230 million tonnes) which is enough to feed 513 million people.
  • FAO estimates 868 million people are suffering from chronic hunger.
  • 1/4th of total food waste is enough to feed the suffered people.  The total of wasted food is enough to feed 3 million people.
  • By 2050 population of world is estimated to be 9 billion and to meet the food requirement production needs to be increased by 60% with a challenge of decreasing cultivable land area So the time has come to think that ‘ wasting a grain is snatching a grain 0f a hungry ‘


How are we wasting our food? Are we Conscious?

  •  In developing countries,40% loss is in harvesting ,processing and handling.
  •  In industrialized countries 40% loss is in retail and consumer level

 Other causes

  • Lack of awareness
  •  Lack of post harvest management knowledge
  •  Lack of shopping planning
  •  Confusion on best before and use by
  •  Market inefficiencies
  •  Over production
  • Inadequate storage facility in whole food chain
  •  Catering services , restaurents,hotels estimated cooking
  •  No knowledge on how to utilize left over
  •  Showy feelings during festivals
  • Dining table leftovers

If we really want to stop wastage we can we just need to manage our habits .

  •  Plan shopping,buy and cook as required,dont avoid funny looking products,
  • Manage proper storage facility
  •  Provide knowledge on post harvest management
  •  Practice FIFO; first in first out, during cooking
  •  Manage leftovers :pickling, freezer checking, use wilt veg for soups

Beside hunger food waste creates many problems too.

  •  Squandering of resources like water land energy labour capital
  •  Economic loss to people and country
  •  Generate hunger problem
  •  Environmenral pollution
  •  Increased green house gas emission.

So time has come to act not think.a grain you save will be a grain grown for other. Think before you eat.