Youth Forum on : Agricultural Education: providing opportunities, preventing Brain drain

The university represents some of the highest concentrations of talented and intelligent individuals anywhere around the planet.  This is the place where people literally engage in lifelong education. Students from agriculture universities are the ones who will be leading the agricultural development being an entrepreneurs, policy makers, bureaucrats, researchers and academicians. Still agriculture universities in Nepal are facing several crisis including poor infrastructure management, inadequate research and extension services, underutilization of its own products in terms of human resources, etc. Since the establishment of agricultural universities, the trend of young graduate’s migration is ever increasing. We are happy and surprisingly accepting this kind of trend and  proud about this. It makes us a failure in utilization of our own products and cash in our own investments. A new trend of providing and searching new opportunities must be initiated and promoted. Everyone unitedly can bring about such changes. And the first step towards it can be realizing our misapprehension about foreign dreams and conduct a meaningful conversation on how to find a better purpose of our education within the country. It’s a time to connect learning with real life experiences.

The proposed one day forum will be held in Rampur Campus, Chitwan, Nepal on 12th of August, 2015 on the occasion of 2015 International Youth Day which aims to gather young professionals involved in agricultural education, teaching, extension, research and entrepreneurs.

The objectives of the forum are:

  •  To identify youth and agriculture related problems and steps required for wider involvement of young professionals in agriculture.
  •   To chart out the issues of youth faced in agriculture universities education system and roles of students, academicians and administration to make it youth friendly learning environment.

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Time Session
11:00-12:00PM Opening Session
Formal Opening, Welcome Speech, Forum Objectives
12:00-12:15PM Activities of AgriYouthNepal
12:30-2:00PM Panel Discussion [Moderator: Basista Acharya]Panelist :Young Farmers, AFU administration, Departments, Young teachersDiscussion Topic: Youth out migration, opportunities and threats
2:00PM-3:15M Think Tank and PresentationInter linkage of students, teachers and administration in education system.Presentation: Charting issues of university education system and role of youth.
3:15PM-3:30PM Wrap up and the way forward

Academicians and Students from agriculture as well as related sciences are highly encouraged to participate in this creative discussion. We expect active participation to make this program a fair success.

Interested students should register their names for the programme by contacting the following personnel.

Sagar Pandey: 9843451974

Nirmala K.C: 9846381525


Date: 12th August, 2015                   

Venue: PG Seminar Hall, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal

Time: 11am Sharp